Fear vs. Intuition

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I grew up in a very Catholic home. I went to a Catholic school (where my mom was one of my teachers 😳) and my younger brother went on to become a priest. So yeah, a very Catholic home.

As you can probably guess from my other articles, I was the Black Sheep of the family, which made things interesting, to say the very least. I just never seemed to catch on to the whole “fitting in” thing 🤷‍♀️

Being so different wasn’t easy, but it did awaken my intuition, even before I knew what to call it.

Of course, the Catholic upbringing also brought up just a bit of guilt. As I got older, there were times when I wasn’t sure whether it was my intuition or my shame over the past speaking to me. Should I pay attention or write it off?

Is It Guilt or Your Gut?

I’ve done a TON of work on myself since my Catholic school days. But I’m still a human being, so don’t you KNOW there are times when I find myself questioning what I’m feeling 🙃

Thanks to reading what feels like damn-near all of the personal growth, spirituality, and psychic development books out there, I finally feel as if I’ve got a good grasp on figuring out the whole gut or guilt thing.

Fear vs. Intiuitve Hits

I’ve gathered up some of the most helpful info I’ve discovered on how to know if your Higher Self is trying to lend you a hand. Or if it’s the Ego (also known as the Bully In Your Brain) running the show.

When trying to figure it out, I always ask myself the following questions…

What’s the tone of voice?

In the past, the voice in my head could beat me up and be a real a-hole 🤕 If the thought you’re having is mean, negative, or nasty, it’s NOT your intuition. Period.

Are you in a time machine?

If your thoughts are living in the past or are forecasting worries about the future, it’s fear speaking to you. Your intuition will NEVER try to scare or intimidate you.

Do you have the “pepper pits” going on?

When you find yourself feeling anxious for no good reason, as if you want to escape, or just all jittery, it’s most likely your Ego at work. An intuitive hit will feel like an “aha moment” that soothes your soul✌️

Quick recap: Your intuition will show up as a calm, kind, voice in the present moment. If you’re hearing “ugly” thoughts about the past or the future that make you anxious AF, call your Ego out and kick it to the curb.

How? Here are the best affirmations I’ve found to get out of my own way…

✨ Everything is always working out for me.

✨ I’m a beloved and protected child of the Universe.

✨ I’m happy, healthy, wealthy, healed, and whole.

✨ I am NOT my thoughts. I am here, NOW. I trust and let GO.

What’s been your experience with identifying intuitive hits? I’d love to hear more about what helps you connect with your Higher Self 💖



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