Manifesting Method: Write a Letter to the Universe

Working with the Universe to co-create your reality isn’t just an amazing spirituality practice ✨

It’s also an awesome (and easy!) way to give your frequency a boost by moving up the emotional spectrum.

I adopted this method from Melody Fletcher’s book, Deliberate Receiving, which I highly recommend btdubs.

I’ve used this simple manifesting method several times, and I’ve NEVER been disappointed by the results!

How to Write a Letter to the Universe

If you’re ever feeling stuck or anxious about where you are in life, give this technique a try…

All you need is something to get your thoughts out of your head and out into the Universe.

You can use a pretty journal and a special pen, open a note doc on your computer, or even record your letter as an audio file on your phone.

Don’t overthink this! Just do what feels right to you.

Be sure to add the date and “Dear Universe” to the beginning of your letter.

Start with where you’re at right now. How are you feeling? What’s your current situation?

Be fully honest about how you feel!

You’re simply laying out the problem for the Universe…

“Dear Universe,

The lease on my apartment is almost up, and I have no idea where I’m going to live next month. I’m totally stressed out, and I feel like there’s nothing I can do about my situation.”

List out ALL of the reasons that you’re feeling out of alignment…

What’s scaring you about the issue? What do you NOT want to happen right now?

This part of the process helps you to acknowledge and release your negative feelings.

Really allow yourself to feel your fears! Give yourself permission to cry, scream, or rant.

Releasing all of the crap you’re carrying around won’t hurt your manifesting abilities!

In fact, processing and letting go of it all will get it out of the way, and give you the chance to raise your vibration 🙌

Once you’ve cleared the path for the Universe to work miracles, it’s time to list out what you DO want to happen.

Start off with the feeling of your desired outcome. Don’t give too many details, too quickly…

“I want to feel secure. I want to feel like everything will work out for my highest good. I want a new apartment to come easily to me.”

Just keep writing (or recording) until you’re actively living in the emotions you want around the situation.

Now that you’ve gotten out everything you want and can see yourself in your desired situation, it’s time to say THANK YOU.

What you want is on the way — worrying about when and how it will happen only blocks you at this point.

Let the Universe know how amazing and creative it is, and how you’re in awe of its incredible power!

Sink into the relief and gratitude that comes along with knowing your wish is being fulfilled in the best way possible.

All that’s left is to cement the knowledge that the Universe is hard at work for you.

I like to make a ritual out of sending my letter in one way or another…

⭐ Printing it out and placing it in an envelope

⭐ Addressing the envelope “To the Universe”

⭐ Putting the letter in a special box or burning it

The method doesn’t matter! It’s all about trusting that you’ve placed your request perfectly for YOU.

Your job is done, so go do something nice for yourself, like taking a walk, reading a book, or getting a pedicure.

Let go of your worries, choose belief over doubt, and replace them with a THANK YOU (out loud or in your mind) every time you find your thoughts drifting back to the situation.

And watch as the miracle unfolds 💜

PS: Any questions? Shoot me a quick message and I’ll do whatever I can to help!

PPS: I’d love to hear how this manifesting method worked for you! Drop me a comment below with your Letter to the Universe story!

Originally published at on January 9, 2022.



Lover of flip-flops and open minds. Writing on Alcohol-Free Living 💁‍♀️ Spirituality ✨ and Self-Empowerment 💪

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Amanda M. French

Lover of flip-flops and open minds. Writing on Alcohol-Free Living 💁‍♀️ Spirituality ✨ and Self-Empowerment 💪