Why AA Couldn’t Keep Me Sober

But it wasn’t a TOTAL waste of time (and energy and tears)…

Am I an alcoholic? Does AA work? Is Alcoholics Anonymous a cult?
Photo by Vaughan Willis on Unsplash

Take the best and leave the rest!

I was already sick and tired when I got to AA. It was supposed to help. So,why the hell did I feel even worse walking out of meetings?

But what about the stuff I drank over in the first place? There had to be a better way to make friends with my mind, and stop beating myself up all of the time.

What I found was something called Shadow Work.



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Amanda M. French

Lover of flip-flops and open minds. Writing on Alcohol-Free Living 💁‍♀️ Spirituality ✨ and Self-Empowerment 💪